Court rules

1. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times when playing on courts. Wearing a tennis shirt is required. No bathing attire will be allowed on courts. Discretionary color is permitted as long as it is proper tennis attire.
2. Regulation tennis shoes must be worn at all times. Absolutely no hard soles will be allowed on the courts.
3. Any willful damage to the court will be subjected to action by the Tennis Committee.

All tournaments and leagues must be sanctioned and authorized by the Tennis Committee. To gain authorization for private leagues, a letter requesting such authorization must be submitted to the Tennis Committee. Open leagues are for any Twin Oaks member who desires to play. A private league is one that is organized by individual members for a limited number of players. During the busy season of June 1 through September 1, private leagues may reserve no more than two courts between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

1. Reservations for open play may be made from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. After 8:00 pm, play will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2. Courts may be reserved one hour for singles unless a request is made for one and one/half hours.
3. Juniors 18 and under may not reserve a court after 4:00 pm.
4. Reservations will be accepted four days in advance.
5. Make reservations at the Tennis Courts or call 882-2928.
6. No food or beverage in any form may be brought on the club premises without permission of the General Manager. Proper action will be taken for all reported violations.
7. Lights will be turned off at midnight. Members desiring to play between 12:00 am and 7:00 am must make arrangements with the Club Pro.

All members having a guest(s) must sign a guest ticket before play. Members who do not sign for their guest will have the fee charged to them.

1. Proper court manners will be observed at all times. Abusive language or conduct will not be tolerated.
2. Unattended young children are not allowed in the tennis area.

The Manager and the Tennis Committee appoint a Professional to give lessons to those members desiring them on a fee basis.

2. Other Professionals not sanctioned by the Manager and the Tennis Committee will not be permitted to give lessons.
Lessons cancelled without 24 hours notice to the Professional will be billed to the member.